CMO Network

About Us

CMO Network Team

CMO Network is fueled by the hope we see in the faces of the men and women who come to us for real-time information and help. Our team members, who come from diverse backgrounds and experience, volunteer their time facilitating meetings. conducting workshops, and teaching computer skills. They provide a never-ending stream of innovative ideas to help our program grow.

Board of Directors:
Tiffany Yarde, Outreach Committee

Executive Staff:
Damon C. Moore, Co-Founder/Executive Director
Dorian Daughtry, LMSW, Program Consultant

Site Coordinators:
Faith Lawrence, LMSW, Bronx
Katrina Sargent, Manhattan

Group Facilitator:
Eric M. Sarver, Esq

Community Outreach:
Lawrence Meyers

If you would like to become part of our community, please email us at or call 646-597-8433. All our welcome!!!